How a Kid’s GPS Tracker Watch works?

A kids’ GPS watch is a must-have for parents these days. Crimes against children have risen over the past years and kidnapping & abduction stories have left parents sleepless. No one can keep a child within the constraints of his or her home and expect them to grow up in a proper fashion.

Thus, sooner or later parents will have to let their kids go to school and other places where they can socialize with other children and learn as a team. However, parents will not be able to keep a constant vigil on their children due to this. Thus, technology comes as a savior in the form of GPS tracker watches for kids. Using Global Positioning System and satellite communication, a GPS tracker in the watch can help to determine its wearer’s location and send it back to remote devices controlling it (Mobile phone, Tablet & etc). GPS tracking watches look just like ordinary electronic watches but can connect with mobile phones to keep parents informed about the child’s exact whereabouts. Certain watches have additional features to enhance the safety of the child such as calling, sending voice notes, watch removal alert, etc.

GPS is present in our smartphones these days which was once strictly available only for the military but now it’s available to one and all. Using GPS, smartphones can determine our location relative to communicating satellites and tell us exactly where we are. The raw data retrieved can often be in the form of latitudes and longitudes and can be placed in a map to know the exact location. This exact technology has been harnessed by GPS tracker watches that return the exact latitude and longitude of the wearer to a remote device controlled by the parent. This data can be accurate to seconds and thus it is a kind of real-time monitoring. Many service providers like are providing such technologies at a very reasonable price.

Some typical features in the GPS watches by which parents are alerted of any danger to their child are anti-drop sensing, real-time position tracking using WiFi, GPS and LBS base positioning technology.  Various sensors like Gyroscopes and accelerometers are used to gauge movement patterns of the wearer in addition to position tracking. Often GSM and GPRS features are provided with the tracker watch in order to enable two-way audio communications. SOS buttons are often present such that the child can notify the parent of any danger.

The kids GPS watches provide ample standby time and can run for several hours before needing a recharge. Some watches can provide battery standby times of 100 hours or so. Some are even capable of monitoring the health of the child by using pedometers, sleep detection technologies etc. Most of these watches are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and have dedicated apps that can be used by parents anytime to access the data sent over by the watch in real time. Thus even if you are physically separated from your kid, the GPS tracker watch will always keep the both of you connected and your mind shall be at peace.

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